Getting Testpool

Testpool is installed from source, download the latest from GitHub. This is also where we track issues and feature request.

What is Installed

Testpool consists of:
  1. A database installed on an Ubuntu 16.04 system, which can also be a KVM hypervisor
  2. testpool-client, another repo, is installed on every client

Actually the last item is optional in that the testpool-client provides an API above the server’s REST API. One could simply use the REST interface directly.

Testpool Server Installation on Ubuntu 16.04

A single testpool server is required. It maintains VM pool requirements for each hypervisor. Here are the steps to install a testpool’s server:

  1. Download testpool from github release area, for example v0.1.0:

    tar -xf testpool-0.l.0.tar.gz
  2. Skip this step if you are installing Testpool on the KVM hypervisor, most likely these packages are already installed.

    sudo -H apt-get install -y libvirt-dev libxen-dev virtinst

  3. Install several required packages:

    cd testpool-0.1.0
    cat requirements.system | sudo xargs apt-get -y install
    sudo -H apt-file update
    sudo -H pip install --upgrade pip
    sudo -H pip install -qr requirements.txt
  4. Create debian packages,in a shell run:

  5. Install:

    sudo -H make install